The construction industry literally builds Australia.

It represents 8% of total GDP, employs more than 1.1 million people, and is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Yet traditional media rarely give it the coverage it deserves.

Unless there is a new mega-project or a serious safety incident, construction news is relegated to the real-estate section.

Here at Construction Advisor we know construction and we’re here to bring you the news, data, and breadth of information you need when you need it, to keep abreast of what is happening.

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$1Bn Housing Project in SE Melbourne

Mirvac has confirmed it will develop the 171 hectare Boral quarry site in Wantirna South. Expected to take up to 10 years to develop, the project could potentially be valued at $1Bn subject to final approvals and re-zoning. The site runs along the Eastlink Freeway south of High Street Road and surrounded by golf courses

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NSW Government to Provide $3m Relief to Mascot Towers

Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson today announced a $3m package to assist residents of the Mascot Towers building as they enter a second week of uncertainty on what the future holds.


Office Etiquette

Office Etiquette Etiquette is not a commonly-used word these days and may become a scarce commodity in a world where parents, who are normally the teachers of good manners, are too time-poor to worry about such niceities, such as eating properly at a table in a restaurant or at home. Etiquette is basically about good

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Who’s missing in the construction project org chart?

There is usually one role missing from an Organisation Chart which is central to achieving Project Objectives. Its missing because it’s never properly designated in the way specific roles such as PM, Commercial, Foreman, Safety, and Contract Admin are. It’s the role of SOMEBODY ELSE. SOMEBODY ELSE is the person who is expected to do

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North South Corridor to get $252m

The South Australian budget will today announce $252m in funding for the final 10.5k section of the North-South Corridor project. The whole project will cost more than $5bn with the cost to be shared with the federal government. With 3 design options still on the table including tunnelling, a final cost and/or project start/finish dates

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Probuild wins $85m Curtin Stage 1

In a welcome announcement for building in Perth after the postponement of the Far East consortium development, Curtin has awarded stage 1 of its development to Probuild. The $85m project is the first step in the Universities 20 year vision for its future development. Stage 1 Includes:        2,000 student beds across a range

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Hansen Yunken Turns Ground at Macksville

Hansen Yunken has announced commencement on the $73m Macksville Hospital Project with a sod-turning ceremony last week. Pre-works had been underway since December 2018 conducted by Acciona Ferrovial JV (PACIFICO). The project is approx. 3km from the Town Center. Construction is expected to be completed in late 2020. Read more at the Guardian. Read more

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Mascot Towers Evacuated – Opal 2.0?

Fears of a repeat of the Opal Tower fiasco are growing after emergency services evacuate 100 apartments in the Mascot Towers complex in Sydney South. Fire and Police services attended the scene after reports of ‘movement’ in the basement levels. Police noted that they had no reason to fear any immediate risk to public safety and were conducting the evacuations as a precaution.